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Every OS sucks!

Als Sysadmin bin ich ja unterschiedliche Betriebssysteme gewohnt, fuer jeden Anwendungsfall habe ich das passende OS parat, doch welches verwendet der Sysadmin auf der eigenen Workstation?!

Diese Frage hat mich die letzten Wochen doch sehr beschaeftigt, seit ca 2007 verwende ich kein Windows mehr - aus Prinzip.

Apple kommt fuer mich …

FreeBSD und die Zufallszahlen

Cool, die Leute von FreeBSD trauen weder Intel noch Via [1].

[1] Slashdot Post

BSD_Day 2011 Videos

I´ve just found a playlist of some talks at the Central European BSD_Day in Bratislava:

FreeBSD Samba Active Directory integration

Currently I'm working on a big (Yes, really big) storage server wtih FreeBSD (because of ZFS) which I must integrate into the corporate AD of our customer.

After some weeks I will release the final configuraton, this should help a lot people out there (I think;-)).

Server migration - done!

Finally we did it - around 4:00 AM the last virtual machine was started from the new file-server. ;-)

Server migration

Currently we're migrating one of our file servers from Linux (Debian) to FreeBSD.

This should improve the NFS performance.

Change default shell in FreeBSD

To change the default shell in FreeBSD for some user simply:

pw usermod user_name -s /usr/local/bin/bash

FreeNAS crashes

First of all: I love FreeNAS! ;-)

But one customer had a weird problem, sometimes the FreeNAS Host (running on VMware ESXi) crashed and there was no error message at the console.

Today  I found a solution/workaround for this problem.|image0|

Just disable "Send files with sendfile(2)" and the …

BSDtalk about FreeNAS

Interesting BSDtalk about FreeNAS:

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