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Fedora - Xorg als default Gnome session

Ich bin mal wieder unter Fedora unterwegs, leider funktioniert bei mir auf meinem Thincenter Wayland irgendwie nicht stabil, deshalb musste ich wieder auf Xorg ausweichen.

Dazu in der /etc/gdm/custom.conf WaylandEnable=false setzen.

# GDM configuration storage
# Uncomment the line below to force the login screen to use …

Xorg emulation of 3rd mouse-button

Yesterday I switched from Debian Squeeze to Fedora 15 (XFCE-spin).

The first thing i recognized was that the 3rd mouse-button is not emulated anymore, since I'm using the Logitech Marble Mouse (a trackball with 2 main-buttons) I really need to have some 3rd mouse-button emulated.

A quick search through the …

Install a list of packets with yum

Today I installed two new CentOS machines for a customer.

It was required to install exact the same packages on these boxes that were installed on another system that was already in use.

I've never done this before and looked into the manpage of yum but was not able to …

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